Losing the Baby Weight!!!

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Losing the Baby Weight!!!

Post  LIVERBIRD on Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:54 pm

I started the wii fit up after new year... and I stopped.. and this week, I took it back up again.

8th March;

Weighed: 14 stone 12ilbs

9th March

weighed: 14 stone 10ilbs.

11th March.

Weigh: 14 Stone 5 ilbs.

so within a matter of 3 days I have lost 7ilbs in weight.

I have an under active thyroid and have found that Since changing to taking my Tablet to the Morning, It has boosted my Thyroid levels. Where as I was taking it at night It werent doing anything.

I want to get to a healthy weight, and by that I'm eating alot more healthy and I've cut down on certain foods. Like a Star @ heaven

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